Revomon offers a sneak peek of exciting events in the next three months


Revomon, the new and exciting online role-playing game combining incredible and immersive virtual-reality experience with the technology behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is now looking ahead to more exciting events.

As it offers a sneak preview of what it has lined up for its loyal community, it is only fitting to first take a look back at what made Revomon busy for the past two months.

April and May highlights

After its successful launch, Revomon exerted massive efforts to accomplish what was needed to be done for its betterment and for the benefit of its community.

Highlights included being listed by Bilaxy and CoinTiger with its mobile app listed by Delta and Coinstats. The RPG game also launched its Mystery cards/reward contest in April, while in May, the DiamondHands contest and multitudes of in-game contests were introduced.

Partnerships and promotion

As for promotion, Cryptopedia & DeFi Explained, Sir Crypto and Cagyjan promoted Revomon on YouTube in addition to its TikTok promotional. In May, it had its press release in CoinTelegraph.

Partnerships weren’t lacking for the past two months, as Revomon joined forces with LVT Capital, BSC Station X, and Polynetwork.

Revomon had its transparency report released as well as its tiers system overview and engaged in a rebranding move for its VR discord to welcome 15,000 members to its community.

What lies ahead for Revomon?

The month of June will be highlighted by early game access for Revomon, with farming mechanisms being available on the 9th, followed by more contests and airdrops.

In Early July, NFT Protocol creation will be activated and DiamondHands results will be released. To further boost its presence online, Revomon is looking to enter the Twitter world. Towards the end of July, the team will work on a potential Top CEX listing.

Finally, for the month of August, Revomon will establish an in-game content communication.

Fun times are ahead for Revomon!

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