Revomon staking that offers up to 150% in APR opens on May 31s


The Revomon team is offering players the chance to earn more $REVO tokens.

The game’s staking, which offers up to 150 percent APR plus additional bonus rates depending on their tier level, will open on the 31st of May at 19:00 UTC.

Revomon to open three staking pools

With the game’s staking feature, gamers can lock their $REVO tokens for a fixed period to receive additional tokens as rewards. Players can join in any of the three staking pools that will open on May 31, each with varying locking period and Annual Percentage Rates (APR).

In the first pool, a player’s $REVO tokens will be locked in for a period of one month. This pool will generate a yield of 80 percent APR.

The second pool locks a player’s $REVO tokens for a three-month period. While the term is a bit longer than the first, it also generates a significantly higher yield of 110 percent APR.
Meanwhile, the third pool has the longest lock-in period of six months. However, it also offers the highest yield at 150 percent APR.

The higher the player’s tier, the higher the yield

Additional bonus rates will be given to players depending on their tier level. Simply put, the higher a player’s tier level is, the higher the additional bonus rate will be, as shown below.

Trainee — 1,000 $REVO, will be given an additional bonus rate of percent.
Tamer — 2,500 $REVO, will be given an additional bonus rate of 25 percent.
Ranger — 5,000 $REVO, will be given an additional bonus rate of 50 percent.
Veteran — 10,000 $REVO, will be given an additional bonus rate of 60 percent.
Elite — 25,000 $REVO, will be given an additional bonus rate of 70 percent.
Master— 100,000 $REVO, will be given an additional bonus rate of 80 percent.

What is Revomon

Revomon is an online role-playing game (RPG) that combines the immersive gaming experience of VR and NFTs. Players need to catch Revomons, which can be viewed as monsters or pets, which are actually NFTs that can be safely and securely traded with other players.

The game runs as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This means that token holders can vote on important issues that will affect the platform, the game as well as its content.

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