Reward offered for information about Quadriga’s missing millions

Reward offered for information about Quadriga's missing millions

Crypto exchange, Kraken, has launched its own investigation into the reported death of the Quadriga crypto exchange CEO and Co-Founder – a death that has resulted in US$190m disappearing.

As part of the investigation, Kraken is offering a rewards of up to US$100,000 for tips that lead to the discovery of the missing funds.

“Events like this impact the entire industry, which is why we want to get involved if there’s a way we can help,” the Kraken team said in a blog post.

“Kraken wants to bring awareness and attention to this case, in hopes that we can help discover some or all of the missing client funds.”

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The exchange has established an online portal where tip-offs can be submitted.

Calls for official Quadriga investigation 

QuadrigaCX, a Canadian exchange, claims its 29-year-old CEO, Gerald Cotten, died in India in December.

The exchange says Cotton was the only employee in the company who knew the private keys that unlock access to customer funds.

Micky first reported on growing skepticism about the claims last month.

This week, Kraken released two podcasts episodes in which Kraken executives Jesse Powell and Christina Yee analyse the curious case.

A fake death and murder among theories explored.

‘There are so many twists, turns, unbelievable moments, strange things, unusual behaviour with this case, we’ve got to get the FBI, we’ve got to get the Canadian police department involved,” says Yee.

“I really strongly believe that if you just scratch the surface a little bit, some truth is going to come out and possibly with that, some coins.”

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