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‘Re:Zero’ Season 3: Here’s what may happen to Emilia, Subaru


Another anime series on fans’ waiting list is Re: Zero Season 3. The second season recently ended, making fans wonder if there will be another installment in the making.

Re: Zero Season 2 received a positive response from a lot of fans, both international and local. With its success and good ratings, it is not far that there will be Re: Zero Season 3.

Another season in the making

According to Epic Dope, it is highly likely that there will be a third season in the making.

The producer Sho Tanaka left an intriguing comment about the series. He said fans would be desperate to see the third installment after the second season ended.

Though this doesn’t confirm the future of Re: Zero Season 3, its creators seem to be planning to make a new one.

It also has enough materials to adapt, as the second season only animated volumes nine to 15. The light novel is currently on its 26th volume, and the story continues.

Its creator Tappei Nagatsuki even revealed the light novel is only partially completed, so there is more to come.

If there will be a third season, it may adapt volume 16 onward.

Possible Re: Zero Season 3 storyline

The second season ended with the defeat of the Great Rabbit Horde. Emilia and Subaru, too, received a proper ending as they started to share some intimate moments.

This will define their future together, and it can be seen in Re: Zero Season 3. Emilia also knighted Subaru after he swore his service to her until the end.

Until to what extent is he willing to go for Emilia? Subaru may join the dirty world of politics just to keep Emilia safe.

The third season may also feature Anastasia, who may have a connection with Emilia after she invites her to Priestella.

All about Re: Zero

Re: Zero is originally a light novel series written by Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka.

It is dubbed as one of the highest-rated isekai anime ever since it hit the small screen in 2016.

However, it took the series another three years before its second season was finally out, OtakuKart News noted. It started in July 2020 and ended in March 2021.

So, would the third season have the same fate?

It is pretty hard to predict the third season’s release. The creators and its studio, White Fox, are yet to announce or confirm anything about it officially.

Anyhow, it may be safe to assume that fans will be up to a long waiting game before they can see Re: Zero Season 3. It may be out in 2023 at the latest.

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