‘Rick and Morty’ season 4 finale gets good feedback for emotional ending

Rick and Morty season 4 finale gained lots of recognition on social media after airing on Sunday. Fans in particular noted the emotional ending.

Rick and Morty season 4 finale is titled “Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri” and it was nothing short of heartbreaking and incredibly fun at the same time.

And according to reports, fans who watched the Rick and Morty season 4 finale were beyond satisfied and happy for the last episode.

They flooded social media after episode 10 finished airing on Adult Swim. While some posted a non-spoiler tweet, others were more open to expressing their thoughts of the season finale.

The majority praised the show for making the viewers feel lots of feeling towards the ending. One Twitter user wrote: “that’s how you end a season Another one also said that the ending was depressing.

Who is the real Beth?

The question that has lingered for a while now is about Beth’s clone. Did the clone really depart Earth back in Season 3, or has this Beth been a clone ever since?

The finale shed more light on the matter but the question still remained unanswered. In fact, there is no certain answer because even Rick doesn’t know which one is the real Beth.

It turns out that Rick told both Beths that they were real. It only ensured a fight with each other and because they were too busy fighting, Tammy easily beamed them up into the Galactic Federation’s spaceship.

Return of Bird Person

So now Rick had to save his “daughters,” and after getting Tammy in the end, it led him to encounter Bird Person or Phoenix Person. Rick is emotional seeing his friend alive after all.

But his former friend has been manipulated and mechanized and it just broke Rick’s heart. Goes to show that though Rick isn’t really the best family member, he has always been a good friend to Bird Person.

Phoenix Person wasn’t happy to see what happened to Tammy though so a vicious battle started. It almost took Rick and the Beths out of the game for good.

Fortunately, Jerry distracted Pheonix Person by doing a Weekend at Bernie’s style on Tammy’s corpse. The gang was able to get the upper hand after that and they saved the day.

The emotional ending

Before the fourth season closed, Rick tried to feed his curiosity about finding out the answer to which one is the real Beth.

The Beths ended up not wanting to know but Rick still tried to figure out. It forced him to confront an uncomfortable truth about himself.

It turns out that Rick purposely mixed the labels while conducting the cloning process so that he would never know the difference.

That’s when he said, “Holy s–t, I’m a terrible father.” The ending also showed a glimpse of Beth’s mother as a memory when Beth was still a child.

Featured image courtesy of IGN/YouTube screenshot

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