‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5: The possible return of Evil Morty

‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5: The possible return of Evil Morty

Fans are now talking about Rick and Morty Season 5 following the previous season’s recent ending. After the Season 4 finale revealed that there were two Beths, what the new installment might feature?

Although Adult Swim has yet to announce the next adventure of Rick and Morty, there are already fan-made theories about it. Some say that Evil Morty may return and it can be Morty-C137.

The story behind Evil Morty’s teaser

In September last year, the animated series’ writer, Jess Loveness, tweeted a photo of the fifth season’s scripts. One of them had a name, Episode 501, which seemed to be the first episode of the next season. However, Loveness hid the episode’s official title with a black pen.

Before the Season 4’s release, the show’s creators teased the return of Evil Morty. However, the fourth installment came and went, but Evil Morty was never seen.

“Black and white and dread all over,” the show’s official Twitter page read, along with a picture of a group of Mortys in black and white. Evil Morty was hidden in the middle, distinctly recognizable because of the wires hanging on his eye.

As he didn’t have a major appearance in the previous season, fans believed he might appear in Rick and Morty Season 5. According to Express, a Reddit fan claimed that the teaser might be a gradual build-up to Evil Morty’s return.

“The Vat of Acid episode isn’t the story of Morty C-137,” the post on Reddit read. “It’s the beginning of the story of Evil Morty.”

The fan explained that Rick did a lot of evil things throughout the show. “But what demonstrates that ‘Ricks don’t care about Mortys’ more than letting thousands of them die to win a petty argument?” the fan asked.

The fan also added that Morty went through character growth. “He became a smarter and more mature person, and undoubtedly the experience would leave him bitter as well,” he continued.

In “The Vat of Acid” episode, Rick let Morty killed thousands of other Mortys, even his girlfriend, to prove a point. Hence, this gave birth to a theory that Morty-C137 could be the Evil Morty.

The new season’s release date

Adult Swim has yet to announce when Rick and Morty Season 5 will be out. Co-creator Justin Roiland recently told Slash Film that the new season is “mostly in the can.”

Fans waited two years before the fourth season came out. However, Chris Parnell, Jerry’s voice actor, told Games Radar that there might be a shorter wait between Season 4 and Season 5. 

Due to the show’s 70-episode order, Rick and Morty Season 5 may be out earlier than expected. The current COVID-19 pandemic may also not affect the show’s production, as it’s animated in Canada. 

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