Rick Moranis’ possible assailant under probe

Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis suffered from an unexpected and painful incident earlier this month while walking on the street in New York.

On Oct. 1, a random passerby punched Rick Moranis while the actor roamed around New York City’s Upper West Side.

A camera near the place, fortunately, caught the incident and a clue about the attacker. In the video which the New York City Police Department publicized, the assailant was wearing a black “I Love NY” sweatshirt.

Following the incident, the NYPD asked people to spread the footage and message them if someone knows who the attacker is.

In addition, they released a photo of the suspect, and CBS News confirmed that the possible assailant is now being questioned.

The report further detailed that the police put the person under probe at the 20th precinct in New York. As of the writing, no charges have been made yet.

What happened to Moranis did not shock neighbor

Meanwhile, Moranis’ neighbor, Bill Kenny, revealed to CSB2 that he was also attacked randomly in the same neighborhood.

“It didn’t surprise or shock me. Like, you know, this has happened well before myself and Mr. Moranis. It’s going to continue to happen unless something is done,” he said.

Shortly after he was punched, the 67-year-old comedy star walked himself to the hospital to undergo medical examination before reporting the attack. NYPD disclosed that Moranis suffered pain in his head, back, and hip.

Despite that, the actor’s representative assured that the Spaceballs star is doing well and luckily did not get any serious injury. Moranis also expressed his gratitude for “everyone’s thoughts and well wishes.”

Not a good welcome for Moranis

The incident alarmed other artists in Hollywood, especially when it may cause Moranis to leave the industry again.

It is worth noting that Rick Moranis let go of his career more than 20 years ago after his wife, Ann, died. He started focusing on raising their two children since then.

“I took a break, which turned into a longer break,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “But I’m interested in anything that I would find interesting. I still get the occasional query about a film or television role … and as soon as one comes along that piques my interest, I’ll probably do it.”

He recently did a cameo in a commercial with Ryan Reynolds.

Furthermore, he is set to reprise his role in Disney+ follow-up to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

“When we first meet him, he has accidentally shrunk himself and is flying around on a shrunken drone — seemingly lost in a continuous of tinkering and experimenting that often puts himself and his family in jeopardy,” a part of the synopsis says.

Featured image courtesy of Alan Light/Wikimedia Commons

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