Rihanna, Madonna dubbed as neighbors from hell due to drama they’re causing: Rumor

Rihanna, Madonna dubbed as neighbors from hell due to drama they're causing: Rumor

Rihanna and Madonna, reportedly, purchased properties on the same block recently.

And according to In Touch Weekly, Rihanna and Madonna’s neighbors are not thrilled.

After all, the A-listers have, allegedly, been causing so much drama within the neighborhood ever since they relocated there.

Rihanna, Madonna leaving a negative impact in their neighborhood  

Rihanna, Madonna leaving a negative impact in their neighborhood

“Rihanna bought a big house for $13.8 million then complained the house didn’t have a large enough pool, so she bought the house next door, which did have a huge pool. This means a lot of demo, dust, and noise,” the source said.

On the contrary, Madonna was happy with the $19.3 million property that she purchased.

However, the singer’s beef, allegedly, has to do with celebrity tour buses.

The two singers, as well as Paul McCartney, are, allegedly, trying to block off their street so that it can’t be open to the public.

“They’re trying to get a gate at the bottom of the block because they hate that the buses keep coming up and down the street. They want their street to become a private gated community,” the source said.

The singers’ neighbors don’t want to get involved

However, the source said that Madonna and Rihanna will have a hard time implementing the changes because their neighbors don’t want to get involved.

“Frankly, they don’t mind the tour vans. The A-listers on the street just need to relax a little,” the source said.

Rihanna’s domestic violence incident revisited

Meanwhile, Rihanna also made headlines this week after she was dragged in her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown’s latest scuffle.

According to NBC News, Brown was recently accused of violently attacking a woman. And the publication couldn’t help but wonder why Brown is able to roam around the streets freely.

Years ago, Rihanna accused her then-boyfriend of assaulting her. Brown was charged with felony domestic assault. And he decided to plead guilty.

Shortly after the incident, Rihanna decided to get back together with Brown. But the A-listers called it quits for good in 2013.

Today, Rihanna is dating A$AP Rocky. And they have been together since last year. Back then, People said that the couple is inseparable.

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