Ring Always Home Cam, a drone for your home security

Ring Always Home Cam, a drone for your home security

The Ring Always Home Cam is the latest home security device from Amazon that lets homeowners monitor their house cord-free.

The home security device industry has seen a large boost in the past years. More and more companies are inventing new ways for homeowners to monitor their houses remotely. The two companies going head-to-head are Google and Amazon.

Just yesterday, Amazon just took the battle further by introducing the Ring Always Home Cam.

Ring Always Home Cam is an indoor drone for houses

Having one too many security cameras in the house can be a tedious task to install and monitor. As such, Amazon is offering the latest solution for such a problem. Last night, Amazon launched the Ring Always Home Cam.

It is a drone that monitors the house cord-free. The installation is quite simple. The user just has to set up the path that the Always Home Cam will take during its rounds. It will trigger itself autonomously and will simply follow the route programmed.

The indoor drone only has battery capacity for about five minutes of surveillance. Amazon says that the monitoring is designed for only one minute per cycle. After this, the drone goes back to its dock for charging.

The Ring Always Home Cam is more than just a camera that flies around the house. It is also able to monitor unusual movements and, possibly, stoves that have been left turned on. The drone records everything it sees in its path, and as soon as it docks, its camera is blocked to prevent recording triggers.

The new home drone from Amazon will ship in 2021 and will retail for $US250 each unit.

Security issues and encryption

Amazon and Google have been on the hot seat for allegedly not having airtight security on their home security devices. In fact, Amazon has been involved in a class-action suit by a homeowner because their Ring device has been allegedly compromised. Also, several civil rights groups and lawmakers have raised the concern of Ring’s involvement with the police.

Amazon promises that end-to-end encryption on their devices will arrive soon. However, it didn’t clarify which smart home security device will get such.

In last night’s event, Ring also announced the release of Ring Car Alarm. This device allows users to monitor their cars remotely. It also triggers audible sirens and alarms when the car is being towed, or any bump happens.

Ring also released the Ring Mailbox Sensor. As the name suggests, it is a sensor that triggers notifications when new mails are delivered.

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