‘Ring Fit Adventures’: Why now is the perfect time to have this?

As much as possible, people are limiting themselves to go outside. Exercising and having fun has become a lot harder but thanks to one Nintendo Switch title, people can do both at home.

Ring Fit Adventures launched for the Nintendo Switch late last year and it’s an exercising game. Along with the game cartridge, the package comes with a sturdy exercising ring and leg strap that players can place their Joy-Cons on. Those that have the game now are pretty lucky and for those that have the means to buy it now should not hesitate to do so.

Here are a few reasons why:

It Actually Works

Ring Fit Adventures actually works with regards to what it is intended to do which is help people lose weight. The game is more of an exercise guide rather than a video game. Some fans have already posted their weight-loss journey with the game and to the surprise of many, the exercises provided by the game.

The game is great for beginners and veterans in exercising so everyone can join in on the fun. Players are guided every step of the way when working out with Ring Fit Adventures. Now that lockdowns are imposed in various parts of the world, a solid training routine is made more accessible thanks to Ring Fit Adventures.

Nintendo Keeps Adding To The Game

The game is only a couple of months old and it seems like Nintendo will support it for a long time. Just last month, Nintendo announced in one of its Directs that the game is getting a new mode that allows players to dance/exercise to some famous songs from Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

There could be more additions in store for the game so it would be wise to get it now to avoid missing out.

It’s Perfect For Everyone

One of the game modes in it allows players to choose from a wide selection of workout routines which shows which part of the body is being targetted. For those who have limited knowledge on working out specific parts of the body, Ring Fit Adventures is an easy guide to get to know the types of workouts there are.

Although on the expensive side at $80, Ring Fit Adventures is well-worth it especially now that going out to exercise isn’t advisable. All members of the family can try out this game so if there’s a chance to get it, get it now!

Images courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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