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Riot and Bungie unite to sue ‘Valorant’ and ‘Destiny 2’ cheat makers


Riot and Bungie have teamed up to file for a court issue against GatorCheats for supplying cheat codes to players.

A cheating software creator faces a lot of backlash from a recent file made against them in court. Riot and Bungie have teamed up to file for sue Valorant and Destiny 2, cheat makers.

What actually happened?

Lawyers of Riot and Bungie have filed the case in the Central District of California court on Friday.

They have observed that recently Cameron Santos of GatorCheats, has trafficked a lot of malpractices with cheat and hack codes.

Riot and Bungie have even allegedly said that the GatorCheats have to sell their cheating software.

The distribution of cheating software is being done through various media outlets such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Discord.

The software is designed in such a way that it will especially go undetected by Riot and Bungie’s anti-cheating system.

Users who wish to have access to the cheating software can choose between various deals present.

One offer helps them to get access for about $90 per month. There is another plan for $500 to lifetime access to cheat codes in the game too.

Lawyers have come up with the statement that GatorCheats have made around “thousand of dollars” by selling the software.

According to a source, it has been found out that Valorant cheats are quite and far more expensive than Destiny 2 cheats.

How does the software works?

The software can help the players win the game with the help of cheat codes and working through the game system.

The software helps all the players change the games setting and “tweak to their needs.” It can help them to win the matches and pass through various levels.

Bungie has issued a cease and desist notice to Gatorcheats before the same. They have asked the company to bring down their software from the market, which helps and supplies players with cheat codes.

Bungie’s lawyers have come across the matter. They have said that despite issuing a legal notice to the team, they are still selling the software on Gatorcheat’s website.

Riot has said that the gaming company has incurred a ton of losses due to the software being sold at millions.

According to the brewing court issues, the harm caused by the company may resolve to millions as well.

A Riot’s spokesperson has said that cheating in a game is nowhere tolerated. It undermines the ability of the player and the game’s integrity as well.

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