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Riot Games aims to release six ‘Valorant’ heroes per year


Riot Games is planning to release at least six new Valorant agents per year. It appears that a hero will debut once every two months.

Valorant had its official release for at least a month now but Riot Games isn’t wasting time looking toward its future. A few hours ago, the studio released a video featuring Riot Game’s executive producer, Anna Donlon.

The road map for the game’s future updates came from Valorant’s official Twitter account. The video aims to let their gaming community know what the future of the trending tactical shooter is.

Valorant Acts

Donlon unveiled several updates coming to the game. However, the most noteworthy was about Riot Games’ comprehensive plans on releasing new maps and agents. According to the producer, the ongoing plan is to release an agent with every Act.

Acts in Valorant are somewhat similar to seasons in other games. These Acts last for two months each which means that there will be at least six new Agents every year. Reyna is considered to be the agent for Episode 1 Act 1.

Valorant Episodes

Valorant’s season is also subdivided into Episodes. Every Episode will run for six months. This makes sense since there are three Acts for every Episode.

Episodes will give the developers the chance to make more significant adjustments to the game. For this year, they will focus more on additional maps and new mechanics.

Episodes are where the biggest game adjustments come in Valorant. However, Donlon states that this doesn’t mean that there won’t be major changes and iterations during the shifting of Acts.

Upcoming updates

Donlon stated that before the year ends, Valorant will receive a few quality-of-life patches. Some of these changes will include the option to surrender early, timeouts, and even the ability to remake games.

Similar to recent game updates, Riot Games’ plans aren’t written in stone especially now that most of the game’s developers are working at home. Donlon also mentioned that if their players think that updates are coming too slowly or easily, they are open to adjusting their pace.

Importance of Agents

Agents have been Valorant’s way to stand itself out from its rival shooting games. Agents will also most likely be the deciding factor for the game’s success or failure. As their final teaser, the developers revealed that a new Agent is coming in Act 2.

For now, fans only got a silhouette of the new Agent. However, if Riot Games stays on schedule players can expect to see more about this Agent soon.

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