Riot Games faces a new challenge because of ‘Valorant’ launch issues

After a successfully closed beta phase, the world eagerly welcomed its launch a few days ago. However, Riot Games must fix these major issues.

Just a few days since release, Valorant received tons of attention but for the wrong reasons. The game was expected to set itself as the best shooting game but is now facing major launch issues.

Valorant is now undergoing emergency maintenance by Riot Games for certain regions.

Restarting issue

The game was first released in Latin America, North America, and Brazil. A few hours later, the developers received their first major problem.

Multiple players are reporting that Valorant’s client was restarting again and again. Connection issues are problems everyone hates, especially for an online game.

The developers realized this and immediately investigated the issue.

Server shutdowns

In Europe, players also reported that the game was shutting down by itself. Riot Games instantly responded with a tweet saying they were already checking the instability issues.

They promised to fix the issue in an hour, but after a few hours, the South East Asia and Asia Pacific servers were also shut down for emergency maintenance.

Missing Valorant Points

Some players also reported that they have issues about missing items and purchases.

Amidst the beta testing, players were able to buy Valorant Points but were now missing after the game’s official launch.

Players were incredibly mad that their in-game items were not showing up. Valorant received heavy criticism on social media. Several fans even regarded Valorant as a “dead” game.

Battle Pass crashed

Riot Games launched Valorant’s Battle Pass with high expectations. However, this newly launched feature caused massive problems for the developers.

Players who have bought the Battle Pass are not receiving the specific rewards they should have achieved upon progressing through the game.

The complete goal of having a Battle Pass was to provide players with items and other essentials that they can use in the game.

With these rewards not being delivered, players have been extremely disappointed. The developers have reported having fixed the issue. However, players in the Asian regions are still experiencing the problem.

Everyone did not expect these kinds of problems, especially after the game received an exemplary reaction during its closed beta.

The developers have been adept in addressing the issues, but the damage has been done. For a game that has only been launched for a few days, Valorant is getting too much hate from fans and players.

If things continue this way, the game will never recover. Hopefully, the guys from Riot Games will fix everything just in time.

Featured image courtesy of Dab in a Lab/Youtube Screenshot

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