Riot Games issues statement on harassment for ‘Valorant’

Valorant is an amazing competitive game, but when things get heated, some players tend to get abusive through the in-game chat. For the developers, abusive chat and harassment shouldn’t a part of the gaming experience all-in-all.

It should not be surprising that even Valorant suffers from toxicity issues for some players. As this is a budding game still, Riot Games wants to sort out the problems immediately before they become worse.

Executive producer speaks out

The game’s executive producer Anna Donlon recently spoke out regarding the issue of harassment and toxicity in the game. According to Donlon, the developers believe that since the game is a relatively new experience, it’s right for every player to enjoy a fair and competitive experience. As such, the developer is committed to delivering as such.

“I can also say that as the leader of the VALORANT team, I’ve personally made this a priority for the game and will invest the resources necessary. This is a priority for us, not just in the short-term, but for as long as it takes to reassure a player—any player—that as long as they play to win in VALORANT and respect their fellow human beings, they’ll be guaranteed a similar experience in return.”

Moving forward, Donlon notes that they are going to publish their code of conduct soon. Admittedly, Donlon believes that this isn’t much to address the issue fully, but she does believe that by setting a code to abide by, players will behave more properly.

Of course, this is just the initial step of the developers to address toxicity in the game. Eventually, players can begin to see harsher punishments for those that go against the code of conduct.

Current options to avoid toxicity

For now, those that want to avoid toxicity in the game have other options other than voice communicating with their teammates. Like Overwatch and other games, Riot Games’ shooter has a ping system and voice lines for the agents.

This allows players to communicate with their teammates without having to say a word effectively. Of course, giving teammates direct orders and actual commands is easier, but the alternative is a great solution for those avoiding vocal communication in the meantime.

Aside from Valorant, many other games suffer from toxicity issues within the community. The good thing is that developers always see the issue as a priority that they need to sort out immediately for the sake of the fanbase.

Image used courtesy of Riot Games

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