Riot Games offers $100,000 bounty to catch ‘Valorant’ cheaters

Riot Games is stepping up its game to catch Valorant cheaters. The game developer puts a $100,000 bounty to catch these cheaters.

Valorant is still in its early beta phase, so it is safe to say that there are still a lot of room for improvements. Following its closed beta release early in April, gamers flock into its platform. Now, cheaters are finding ways to rig the game in their favor.

A huge bounty to catch Valorant cheaters

Riot Games has implemented an Anti-Cheat system for its flagship FPS. However, hackers are still able to find ways to bypass this. Among the popular hacks used by Valorant cheaters are aimbots and no recoils.

It appears that hackers are still able to bypass the Anti-Cheat system. Now, Riot Games is improving its system by instituting a bounty program.

Companies use the bug bounty program to allow hackers to beat their system. However, instead of taking advantage of the vulnerabilities that they discover, they will instead report it to Riot Games, and they will receive a reward in return.

Bug bounty for video games are quite rare. However, it is important to note that Valorant cheaters were able to find a hack in the system just four days after its beta release.

Riot Games divided its bug bounty program into three categories. These are Network attack with no user interaction, Network attack requiring user interaction, and Local attack for privilege escalation.

Under the first category, hackers can receive up to $100,000 if they report a vulnerability on code execution on the kernel level. Hackers can receive up to $75,000 if they can discover unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Under Local attacks category, hackers can receive at least $25,000 if they discover an unauthorized way to access sensitive data. It appears that Riot Games is serious in crushing bugs on its game.

A formidable game in the making

Valorant is taking the FPS community by storm. It is looking to go head-to-head against some of the most popular eSports titles in the business like CSGO and Overwatch. While it is still early to tell whether the game will make it big, its current reception proves to be poisitive.

Riot Games is on a constant lookout for Valorant cheaters. The fact that it has instituted a bug bounty program to catch cheaters is a testament that it is serious about the issue. The company is reportedly working on issues about in-game harassment lately.

Image courtesy of VALORANT/YouTube Screenshot

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