Riot Games reveals ‘LoL’ Roadmap plans to release six champions per year

Riot Games shared its plans for the League of Legends Champion Roadmap. Six new champions will be released every year – one for each role.

The latest Champion Roadmap by Riot Games revealed that six new champions would arrive at the Summoner’s Rift on a yearly basis.

6 new heroes every year

Each role will receive a new champion, except for the mid lane which will get two new champions. This is because Riot noticed that the mid lane is the most famous role in League of Legends.

In addition, their fan base is looking for something different and unique than those mage heroes dominating the mid lane. The developers admit that they may not always satisfy the needs of their community.

They prefer not to release champions if they don’t meet the standards. The new champion Sett, was launched for the top lane earlier this year. Before the end of the year, Riot plans to release three more new champions to the League.

Three New heroes this year

The developers confirmed that the three new heroes set to be released this year would be a marksman, an assassin, and a jungler.

In a new developer blog post, Riot Games gave League of Legends players a glance into the three new champions to be released for 2020. With Volibear and Fiddlestick’s VGUs done, Riot can now focus on making competitive champions.

New jungler

After almost three years since the Kayn, the last true jungler was launched, the developers are finally bringing another champion for the role.

While fans didn’t get details, it’s possible that the new champion will have a mix of flower and deer theme. However, junglers may expect a mid-range fighter that can jump in and out of battles and have a sleep effect.

New assassin

The new masked assassin seems to have a deep struggle, with its presence showing a deep but dormant attitude. The new assassin will yield two weapons, which will likely match their skill set.

It looks like the developers are looking to take a unique approach to the new AD carry champion for the bot lane.

New marksman

The new marksman will have the ability to enter dangerous clashes while using combo abilities to burst enemies and get out with ease.

Riot announced in the Champion Roadmap that the new assassin and jungler champions would be launched at a summer event for July. However, the new marksman champion will be released later this year alongside a new mage and new tank support.

Featured image courtesy of HuzzyGames/Youtube Screenshot

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