Riot Games updates ‘Valorant’ with maps, features, and a new agent

Riot Games is bringing Agent 11 to Valorant. The developers have finally released details about the Mexican woman who will take over the game.

Valorant ended its closed beta testing on April 28, which left fans eager until its release date. The game’s beta testing was considered highly successful since it has gathered over three million players per day.

In addition, it also broke viewing records on Twitch in just its first week. However, this doesn’t mean that the developers will be taking it easy from now on. Riot Games released a bombshell by teasing Valorant’s upcoming agent, Reyna, traversing on a new map.


In the trailer, Reyna looks like she has the ability to heal and blind enemies. She can also consistently regenerate her lifebar with the condition that she can perform a kill before the countdown ends.

Here’s a short summary of her hero abilities based on Riot’s explanation:

  • Blinding (C ability) – Cast an orb that blinds enemies in the area. Enemies will still see the orb and can destroy it while blinded.
  • Soul Catcher (Q ability) – Reyna’s health will continue to regenerate by absorbing Soul Orbs. Soul Orbs are found from the corpses that she has killed.
  • Invulnerability (E ability) – Reyna will become invulnerable for a short period of time by using the power of Soul Orbs.
  • Sleight of Hand (X ability) – Increases Reyna’s rate of fire, speeds skill usage and lessens reload time temporarily.

In the trailer, killing an enemy drops a purple orb which Reyna can obtain before it can disappear. These purple orbs let her heal by using one of her abilities. In addition, it also grants her an additional 50 armor.

Reyna’s lore

According to Riot, Valorant’s newest agent will be more hot-headed than Phoenix and will have a mischievous personality to commend her bloodthirsty arsenal.

Reyna, which means “queen” in Spanish, comes from Mexico and will be one of the most aggressive agents in the game.

Ryan “Morello” Scott, Valorant’s lead character designer, also revealed that she will become a duelist. A few of her abilities need to be activated with a Soul Orb which can only be obtained from the enemies killed by Reyna herself.

If she doesn’t get a kill, she may end up being useless in battles because her entire arsenal relies on these orbs.

Picking Reyna will become a huge gamble if players have a weak aim or don’t have good teammates to support them in the Valorant battlefield.

Featured image courtesy of Straty/Youtube Screenshot

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