Riot reveals latest ‘League of Legends’ champion with a teaser trailer

Riot reveals latest 'League of Legends' champion with a teaser

Lillia—Riot’s latest addition to the substantial League of Legends pool of Champions—has finally been unveiled through a mystical cinematic teaser.

The already impressive League of Legends (LoL) roster just grew by yet another Champion, as developer Riot Games lifted the curtain on their latest hero.

Lillia, the magical fawn, made her first official appearance in her very own cinematic teaser trailer, giving fans a glimpse at her appearance, backstory, and personality.

The new Champion is set to debut alongside the upcoming Spirit Blossom Festival event, which kicks off on July 22.

The frolicking fawn

Described as shy and self-conscious, yet wonderfully selfless, Lillia is a dream-seeing young creature depicted as a cross between a fawn and what looks like a human girl.

According to Riot‘s description, her mother is a tree who happens to be best friends with everybody’s favorite nature-loving Champion Ivern. Lillia spent her days in the magical forest she calls home, sifting through outsider’s dreams which fuel her mom’s life force.

Unfortunately, her peaceful life was turned on its head after the dreams stopped flowing, making her tree-mom ill. Moreover, outside beings began showing up within her beloved forest for the first time since she was born.

In a panic, Lillia used her magic to put the invaders to sleep, only to find out that the dreams began rushing back, filling her mother with vitality once more. She also figured out how to direct her powers to harvest the dreams of those she puts to sleep and use them for her mom’s benefit.

Now, Lillia has decided to journey outside her home for the first time in her life, gathering more and more dreams to save her family.

Lillia’s role in League of Legends

LoL‘s newest addition was designed as jungle-type Champion, loaded with area-of-effect abilities that are great for juggling, and even better for team-fights.

Her passive ability is called “Dream-Laden Bough,” which applies the “Dream Dust” effect to all those that are hit by her abilities, dealing damage based on the recipient’s maximum health.

Lillia’s first skill, “Blooming Blows,” has her swing her weapon in a full circle, dealing magical damage to closer to the Champion, and true damage to those nearer to the circle’s edge.

The fawn’s second skill is named “Watch Out! Eep!”, and involves her winding up her branch briefly before slamming it on the ground. This skill deals magic damage in a medium-sized circle, with those caught in the center taking increased damage.

Her third ability, “Swirlseed,” is a magic-based projectile attack that rolls in a bowling ball-like fashion until it meets an enemy or obstacle, causing it to explode.

Finally, Lillia’s last skill is called “Lilting Lullaby,” which—as the name suggests—entails her casting a lullaby on her enemies, slowing them down and eventually putting them to sleep. Foes under the influence of “Dream Dust” are slowed even further, and those who are awakened take amplified magic damage.

League of Legends fans will only have to wait a couple more weeks to give Lillia a whirl, along with a bunch of new goodies to be excited about during LoL’s upcoming Spirit Blossom Festival.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends/Twitter

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