‘Risk of Rain 2’ devs confirm price hike for upcoming August release


Risk of Rain 2 will get a price hike on its release this coming August. The devs confirmed that the game would add $5 to its retail price once 1.0 comes out.

Risk of Rain 2 received an explosive reception during its Early Access stint. The game is superb, and the devs religiously followed through all their promises. It appears that since so much was added, the devs feel a price increase is a warranted move.

RoR2 added a ton of content over its Early Access

RoR2 came out strong since its first few months in Early Access. The fan base was so receptive that the game reached 1 million in sales right out of the gate. The game stayed consistent ever since, with only small delays here and there.

Recent updates brought a ton of content from their roadmap too. The game brought back artifacts, new bosses, new items, new skills, and a ton of tweaks. The additions are so much that the devs feel they deserve a price hike.

The game will go from $20 to $25 on its launch day in August. RoR2 is on sale right now for $16 or a 20% off for the Steam Summer Sale. Interested players can take advantage of it now.

The upcoming 1.0 update will release a ton of new content on top of what they already have. This release will include a new character, the game’s final stage, and final boss. There are also new items added into the game, together with equipment and more. The 1.0 release will also include a server browser a rework of the mercenary.


RoR2 devs looking forward to the game post-release

Risk of Rain 2 is worth the price it’s asking for if players based on content. The game is expansive, and it’s dozens upon dozens of fun. The devs are also looking towards the transition of the game.

“When we first launched Risk of Rain 2 on Early Access one of the initial questions was if we would be increasing the price on 1.0, and our initial answer was ‘Yes,’” the dev blog said. “We still plan on increasing the price at 1.0. The game has grown a tremendous amount, and we think the value of the game is increased. Our plan is to increase the game from $19.99 USD to $24.99 USD.

We’re also hoping to have another Dev Thoughts focusing more on our plans for Post Release, so be on the lookout for that!”

Risk of Rain 2 is the 3D third-person shooter sequel to the original 2D roguelike. The entire experience is different but no less difficult, like the first. The game is available on Steam for Early Access.

Featured image courtesy of Hopoo Games/YouTube Screenshot

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