‘Riverdale’ ladies confirm voice over for ‘The Simpsons’ series

The famous Riverdale women took the time off from solving mysteries to guest star in one of TV’s iconic series, The Simpsons.

The ladies of Riverdale revealed in their Instagram accounts about their new participation in The Simpsons. Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and Madelaine Petch will do voice over in the newest episode of the famous family sitcom.

Lili Reinhart shared on Instagram a photo of her character. Reinhart plays Betty in Riverdale. She added that she never imagined that she will be invited to play a role segment in the sitcom.

“It is truly an incredible, surreal blessing that I was able partake in one of the most iconic television shows ever made.” 

Similarly, Camila Mendes who plays Archie’s girlfriend in Riverdale is also thrilled. Although the actress is obviously busy, she is happy with the voice over project. Camila never thought of having the opportunity to voice a character in the show.

“Never in my life did i think i’d get to voice a character on the simpsons but here we are! 

The Hateful Eight-Year Olds

In the new episode of The Simpsons, The Hateful Eight-Year Olds, the ladies come face to face with Lisa. Camila, Lili and Madelaine play the roles of snooty rich girls. Their characters include Bella-Ella (Reinhart), Sloan (Petsch) and Tessa Rose (Mendes).

Lisa meets a new friend named Addy (Joey King).  The two become friends as both seem to love horses. Consequently, Addy introduces Lisa to her girl pals. The snooty rich girls are not happy with Lisa.  

Meanwhile, the episode also reveals Homer and Marge away on a romantic cruise.

The Simpsons already predicted coronavirus and murder hornets

Since 1989, The Simpsons showed many episodes that seemingly predicted the future. Apparently, The Simpsons built a strong reputation for telling the future of America. For instance, in March 2000 episode, Bart to the Future, it predicted Trump’s victory to the presidency. The cartoon face of the character resembled that of Trump. 

In the 1993 episode, Marge in Chains, Springfield was in chaos because of infectious disease and killer insects flying around. As a result, fans theorized that the episode pointed to coronavirus and murder hornets.

Furthermore, the fans posted on Twitter the theories of these predictions. Fans also posted old clips of the family sitcom.

What to expect from The Simpsons

The Simpson is now on its 31st season. The finale of the series airs in the following weeks.  However, there is no official announcement from Fox if a renewal will push through. 

The Simpson airs this Sunday, 10 May on Fox TV.

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Image Courtesy Of Los Angeles Times/Youtube Screenshot

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