‘Riverdale’ season 5: Drew Ray Tanner becomes a series regular

Riverdale season 5 seems to be getting on track as new developments in castings recently surfaced. Moreover, Drew Ray Tanner will be a regular going into the new season.

The popular Archie Comics-inspired series is looking ahead to the future as Riverdale season 5 is now development. In particular, the casting is now in the works. Recently, a new cast has joined the series which will play the role of Pop Tate’s granddaughter.

Erin Westbrook, former Glee star, and recently seen in Fox’s The Resident as well as Netflix’s Insatiable becomes Tabitha Tate. She is the ambitious entrepreneur who arrives in Riverdale to take over Pop’s Pop’s Chock’ lit Shoppe. However, her arrival would be faced with challenges as she encounters the town’s chaotic situation. Furthermore, she faces off with the rest of the gang, including the wicked Hiram Lodge.

Drew Ray Tanner promoted to a regular in the series

Riverdale season 5 fans will see more of Drew Ray Tanner who plays Fangs Fangs Fogarty. He will have a bigger role to play as the fifth installment will feature a major time jump of seven years.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacas confirms the promotion. He said:

“Drew’s such a great guy and terrific actor and has been with Riverdale since season two, making the character of Fangs Fogarty a fan favorite.”

He further added:

“We’re all thrilled he’s joining us for season five as a series regular, living with on-again, off-again boyfriend Kevin Keller and Serpent Queen Toni Topaz. Also happy to announce that we’ll see more of Drew SINGING!”

To recall, Fangs and Kevin sparked their friendship and ultimately their romance while joining the cult together. Moreover, they plan to date while in college.

Lili Reinhart shares her character is now her age

Lili Reinhart, who popularly plays Betty Cooper, is looking forward to the time jump. Although it was fun playing the role, she looks forward to playing her age. She confirmed last year that when the show continues with season 5, she can finally play a character that’s her age.

She further added that she does not want to be “30 playing an 18-year-old.” On the other hand, Riverdale season 5 will wrap up the three remaining episodes of season 4. Fans will be able to see the unveiling of the mystery of the sinister videotape.

“Riverdale” season 5 release date

While the series is due to arrive in January 2021, the production has been delayed again due to issues with COVID testing. Reportedly, there have been delays with processing COVID-19 tests in Vancouver.

Image Courtesy of Riverdale/YouTube Screenshot

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