‘Riverdale’ season 5: Netflix release detail, showrunner teases plot

The widely popular teen-drama, Riverdale season 5, will return to Netflix. Moreover, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teases plot details.

When the series dropped on Netflix in 2017, it immediately garnered millions of viewers. The fourth installment has been featured on the streaming platform’s top 10 shortly after it landed. Now, Riverdale season 5 is coming back with loads of twists and mysteries. Furthermore, fans will see new faces as new casts are joining the fifth installment.

Riverdale is based on the popular Archie Comics and follows Archie and his friends as they juggle up life in their little town. While still in high school, they are caught in the mystery of their classmate’s death, Jason Blossom. Together, they unravel who killed Jason. As the series progresses, the characters take on dangerous enemies, organ-harvesting cults and even drugs in the form of candies.

“Riverdale” season 5 plot details

The fourth season took an unexpected turn as the TV and film industries temporarily shut down because of COVID-19. Although season 4 was shortened, the first three episodes of the fifth season will wrap up season 4’s story. Moreover, it will also unveil the mystery of the sinister videotape.

One of the anticipated plot details in the series is the major time jump of seven years. Although no word has come out yet on the plot details, the gang is now in college. However, certain circumstance forces them to return to Riverdale.

Meanwhile, new casts are joining the series. Just last month, it was confirmed that former Glee Star, Erin Westbrook, will play as Tabitha Tate, Pop’s granddaughter. She comes to Riverdale with the great ambition of taking over Pop’s Chock’ lit Shoppe. On top of that, she wants to franchise the diner.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teases season 5 plot

In a surprise Holloween treat, showrunner Aguirre-Sacasa may have revealed a new villain in a Twitter post. The post shows a truck with a chained skeleton in front of the truck. Now, fans are speculating on what could happen in the next season. The truck may play a central role in another mystery surrounding Riverdale.

Even from its initial release, the series has already featured supernatural storylines, and season 5 may continue with that direction. In another Twitter post, Aguirre also teased the fans with a woman being chased by a truck. The caption reads, “At long last, the offices are open and we are in pre-production on Season 5 of #Riverdale!!”

Release date

At the earliest, the series will drop in the Netflix US in either August or September 2021.

Image Courtesy of TV Line/YouTube Screenshot

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