Rob Kardashian: KarJenner family reportedly doubts his new romance

Rob Kardashian has found a new romance with the Instagram model, Aileen Gisselle, but his mom, Kris Jenner, and the KarJenner sisters seem doubtful about it.

Rob Kardashian is not only back to the limelight but on the dating scene, too. However, it looks like the KarJenners are a little hesitant about his budding romance with Gisselle.

The KarJenners are trying to protect Rob

Knowing how protective Jenner is to her kids, she wants the best for her only son. His sisters feel the same way, too.

“His protective mom and sisters are cautious,” an insider told In Touch. “So they’re making sure that Aileen is the right girl for their brother.”

If there is one thing that they do not want to happen to Rob, it is someone who will only use him for fame.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian, allegedly, have “put feelers out” about Aileen.

“They know that Rob is a grown man,” the tipster added. “But they can’t help looking out for his best interest.”

Rob, reportedly, often gets DMs from different women. But as Gisselle posted about their date on her Instagram, the family wants to know her real motives.

Rob Kardashian and Gisselle’s date

Previously, Rob was seen having a candlelit dinner with Gisselle. The brunette beauty shared a clip of the reality star, enjoying the outing, and smiling.

She used a filter full of hearts around his face. Later, she shared another video, wearing a pair of socks from his brand by Arthur George that read, “My boyfriend.”

In a different post on Instagram Story, she said she was “ready to be a good woman to one man for the rest of my life.”

Another source revealed Rob is “really into” Gisselle. He now looks better than ever, and his confidence now returns.

“He’s not saying how much weight he’s lost because he doesn’t want that to be the focus,” the insider continued. “He feels good, and that’s all that matters to him.”

Meet Gisselle, Rob’s alleged new girlfriend

Surely, a lot of people know Rob for being a Kardashian. But who is Gisselle?

News about the two emerged in July. At the time, Rob was, reportedly, keeping their romance low keyHollywoodLife noted.

He knew that if it would go public, it would be a big issue that would put considerable pressure on their romance.

Gisselle is an Instagram model who has a huge following. She and Rob follow each other, and just like him, she also has a kid, a daughter named Emoniee Gisselle.

Giselle also has her own company, Haus of Kiddies, LLC. If she ever ends up with Rob Kardashian, he is not the only famous partner she will be with. Rumors had it she also dated Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2015.

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