Robert Downey Jr. got Marvel fans worried after doing this

Robert Downey Jr. got Marvel fans worried after doing this

Robert Downey Jr. got Avengers fans worried when they learned that he unfollowed all of his Marvel co-stars on Instagram.

Robert Downey Jr. sent fans into a frenzy after he unfollowed Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Chris  Hemsworth and his other Marvel co-stars. Many of his supporters took to Twitter and said they were worried after learning about the move.

Robert Downey Jr. unfollowed Marvel co-stars

Robert Downey Jr. is among the most prominent Marvel actors after giving life to the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man. His character died in Avengers: Endgame breaking the hearts of those who are very fond of the superhero.

Just recently, RJD unfollowed all of his MCU co-stars leaving fans wondering if he was doing okay as he had stopped following all of them. Downey Jr. used to follow his close pals Chris Hemsworth (Captain America), Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and more. However, at present, he no longer follows any celebrity.

Twitter reacts to RDJ unfollowing his co-stars

Several netizens took to Twitter to share their thoughts about Robert Downy Jr.’s move. Many were worried

One netizen said he was worried because he thought Downey Jr. would be leaving Hollywood and retire from acting soon.

Meanwhile, another wrote that he was worried because the actor unfollowed all his Marvel co-stars. But when he checked his Twitter, he still follows everyone. The netizen feared that the move was a cry for help but since he still followers them on Twitter, then it means that he doesn’t cut off his friends and family. He hoped that the Sherlock actor is doing good and safe.

Just a stunt?

Meanwhile, some netizens speculated that it was just a stunt. Others joked about the move and made memes about Holland’s reaction after the Iron Man star unfollowed him.

One said that it was just a stunt because it is how actors get attention. They would allegedly freak out their fans.

Meanwhile, another joked by sharing a meme of Holland and Zendaya laughing while promoting their Marvel movie. The netizen said many thought Holland was saddened by RJD’s move but he was having the best time of his life. The Spider-Man star and the Euphoria actress were spotted kissing. They also spent the Fourth of July together.

RDJ did not only unfollow his Marvel co-stars, he unfollowed most celebrities he previously followed including Johnny Depp. He has 50 million followers but now only followers 43 accounts.

There are speculations that Robert Downey Jr. will only be using his Instagram for business, thus the move.

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