‘Roblox’ takes dominant position in the US iPhone gaming market

Roblox 2020 trailer snapshot

Making for the top spot based on daily revenue, Roblox is currently dominating US’s iPhone gaming market.

As per data gathered by Finbold, the game currently earns a daily revenue of $3.01 million or $92 million monthly. The information is up-to-date as of June 2021. Furthermore, it suggests of the game taking a large chunk of the total $11.2 million daily income among top 10 games.

Close Contender

With Roblox taking the top spot, Clash of Clans came at a distant second at roughly $1.9 million daily revenue. That is, according to sales of both the actual game itself as well as the in-app purchases.

Candy Crash Saga came in third at almost $1.5 million sales and whose popularity generates an average of 23,194 installs daily. This number of install count is still relatively meek considering the overall daily installs of all highest-ranking games is at 6.24 million.

Epic Existence

While a title that may come off as obscure to some, Roblox has been in the market since at least 2006. According to Tech Crunch, at least half of the US’s kid population are on the game’s platform. That is around at least 90 million people, with others estimating the number to have grown to 164 million following COVID-19.

The skyrocketing demand for the game-creating and game-playing platform during the pandemic are for obvious reasons, however. With lockdowns rampant at the height of the coronavirus scare in 2020, children have been playing more games at home.

The platform is more than just a place to play. Another aspect that makes the platform appealing is that it makes for a hub for people to hang out in. The game even has a built-in chat functionality that lets players communicate with one another. This easily makes for an easy substitute to actual socializing that sees a community of individuals living a digital lifestyle. Which, unlike the social media, is very much oriented among like-minded gamers.

For the Money

Another aspect that makes the online game so appealing is its ability to generate income. Players who put up the effort of coming up with contents can resort to selling them for money. The business model can be so lucrative, even minors could make a living simply by engaging others with their creations.

But that was speaking of selling contents alone. Another means by which Roblox players could make money off of the game includes incorporating streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube. This means opportunities for becoming a business affiliate, getting into sponsorship, getting donations, and selling merchandise.

Image used courtesy of Roblox/YouTube Screenshot

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