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‘Rocket League’ free-to-play on all platforms starts today


Rocket League is now free-to-play on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms. The new season also comes with a new Rocket Pass.

Epic Games is adding a bonus US$10 coupon upon redeeming Rocket League. The free coupon will available until October 23. Players may use the coupon until November 1 which is right in time for some Halloween sales.

The game is now removed from the Steam collection. But players who bought the game there may still queue up and play.

Rocket League launches new Rocket Pass

Alongside the free-to-play launch, the Season One Rocket Pass is now live. The developer intends to streamline the upcoming seasons. The Competitive Seasons, Rocket Pass, and the Tournament will now start and end at the same time.

According to the latest patch notes, the Competitive Ranks will serve as the distinction between top-tier players.

A seasonal reset will occur as well. The soft reset will adjust the ranking one tier lower. There will be a skill tier recalibration as the game moves forward.

With free-to-play coming, the ranked matches will be locked to level 10 users or higher. However, paid accounts are exempted.

Tournaments and new challenges are up on all platforms starting today with Rocket Pass owners having additional challenges.

Wooing Steam players to switch clients

Epic has not disclosed why it is bundling the coupon with the free game. But there is a huge chance that it is doing it to bait players to switch game clients.

Steam is currently the biggest game client available with thousands of games in its library. Meanwhile, Epic Games is still trailing behind.

However, Epic is doing a great job by offering free games every week. Some of them are full collections such as the Batman series. It even has an offering for some AAA titles.

Rocket League is a huge move by Epic considering it still has a large player base. It might be beneficial in the long run as it brings in more players to the client.

Images used courtesy of Rocket League/Nintendo, Rocket Pass

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