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‘Rocket League’ goes free-to-play this month


Psyonix’s massively popular Rocket League is going free-to-play soon. Everyone will soon have the chance to play this amazing derby-football crossover, and the wait isn’t too long now.

The developers of Rocket League unveiled a few months back that their popular game is going to become a free-to-play title soon. Now, we got a release date along with a nice cinematic trailer showcasing what newcomers should expect from the game.

Transition to free-to-play

The game will be free-to-play starting on September 23. It will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The even better news is that the game will have cross-play and cross-progress enabled. This means that players will be able to pick-up their game whichever platform they choose to do so.

What happens to those who own the game?

Those who already have the game shouldn’t fret as they’ll get a few bonuses for being an early player.

Rocket League players will be awarded the Legacy status once the game goes free-to-play. This will have a set of benefits to the players. First off, they’ll have access to all branded DLC released before the game became free-to-play. Moreover, they’ll also have a special title that notes the year they have started the game

Lastly, players with the Legacy status will get 200+ common items upgraded to Legacy quality, Golden Cosmos Boost, Dieci-Oro Wheels, and the Huntress Player Banner.

What is the game?

The game is a mix between football and derby races. Basically, players will control a rocket-powered car in a football field. The goal is to get the ball towards the other goal. Matches are played in teams of three, and it can get pretty chaotic. Players can use nitro to speed up and hit the ball at high velocities.

The game has a steep learning curve, but once players get the hang of the controls, they’ll be zipping through the map easily. Despite what it looks like, the game is actually challenging and addicting.

The transition of Rocket League into the free-to-play territory is going to bring in more players to the game once again. What’s great is that the developers also considered those who already bought the game in the process. Fans are hoping that the developers will have more content in store for everyone soon. Once September 23 arrives, we can expect the game’s servers to become very busy.

Image used courtesy of Rocket League/YouTube

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