Rockstar Games testing ‘GTA 6’ in ‘GTA online’

Rockstar Games is suspected of testing GTA 6 in GTA Online. Online Reddit posts are supporting this statement with a detailed analysis and facts observed in the game. Some of the elements tested might surprise you!

Rockstar Games is one of the most popular game publishing companies in the field of gaming. They are well-known for games such as the GTA series and Red Dead Redemption. They are one of the gaming companies earned in billions from the games and remain as the pioneers.

Their last GTA game, GTA 5, became the fastest entertainment product to reach one billion dollars sale in three days-just three days. They earned 800 million dollars on the first day and received applause from gamers. Gamers praised the game for next-gen graphics, multiple characters to play, and engaging storyline. Critics appreciated the game for its graphics but criticized it because of its portrayal of women and glorified violence.

GTA 5: Its epic success

Rockstar Games published GTA 5 in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and upgraded the game in November 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After the success, Rockstar released a PC version in April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

Rockstar Games used the surroundings of Los Angeles City, California. The company photographed the surroundings and used them for the development of the game and had advanced fighting, shooting, and driving mechanics. The vehicles had top-notch details and collision simulations.

Rockstar Games developed and launched GTA online, a platform where 30 players can team up in the fictional City of Los Santos. It proved to be a blockbuster venture for Rockstar Games because it is earning millions of dollars per day for them.

GTA 6: Will it be good?

A Reddit user called u/thecoolfattykid had mentioned the facts in the SubReddit for GTA 6, which has led to speculations. The user said that.

The interior of the cars has improved since 2017. It showed that Rockstar is improving its graphics as a part of enhancing GTA 6.

Rockstar has concentrated on giving more details about the engine and other components of cars. Over time, the vehicles have got good graphics.

Lampadati Tigon (a new supercar from the previous update of GTA online) gets destroyed very realistically. The Reddit user said that he had not seen it in other cars, but stated they might also apply to other vehicles.

The missions will not be a liner, unlike GTA 5. In GTA 5, if a player alerts enemies during a mission, the game cancels the mission. But, in the heist mission of GTA online, even if a player alerts enemies, he can kill them and proceed further. In linear gameplay, such an act may abort the mission. It shows that these types of missions will be available in GTA 6. The Reddit user also gave a link to a previous post like this.

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