Rockstar takes care of ‘GTA’s’ busted nuts and bad spellings

Rockstar has taken care of some of the busted nuts and bad spellings throughout the game!

The long-awaited PC version of GTA V is set to be released this November, finally giving gamers the chance to experience Rockstar’s epic open-world game in all its glory. As with any new release, the game will be experiencing some teething issues that need ironing out before it reaches perfection – but that’s where Rockstar comes in.

The studio is fast at work on making sure the PC release lives up to expectations, including fixing some problems with multiplayer mode, which are sure to have annoyed players when they first arrived. Here’s the latest on the GTA V fixes.

What are the new patches that the team is working on?

Then, GTA V’s multiplayer mode will not be available on launch day – it will be rolled out in the following months. A reason has not yet been given for this delay but is likely due to the current state of GTA V’s online networking code.

Speaking of networking, another issue is that game discs bought through some retailers may not work right now. The fault lies in difficulties with copy protection.

A lot of players have faced issues regarding getting out of bed or facing bugs while talking to each other and even mispronunciation. A patch should fix these problems.

A patch will also address some minor issues like the camera position and possible delays in getting back into characters that are killed accidentally. Another issue is that the system menu hangs for some people, with no way of restarting or even accessing the desktop. A patch should arrive soon, so be sure to keep checking regularly for system updates.

The long-awaited Rockstar fix List:

  • Fixed an issue where audio from the last car you drove would be heard during other gameplay modes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Play As option not showing up as a profile option until changing to another character and back.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t access the parachute while swimming or using a jetpack, even though they had previously bought it. The content is still available in your inventory, and you can re-purchase it if you’ve previously purchased it.

Rockstar has shared with the team that they are working on better development right now. “We are moving to a new cloud solution, which will improve development efficiency and further reduce the overall cost of operation.

This will be a huge benefit to the company, especially during this time of rapid expansion.”


Image courtesy of TGG/YouTube

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