‘Rogue Company’ gets new game mode and more updates this week

'Rogue Company' gets a new game mode and more updates this week

Hi-Rez Studios has revealed more updates to get excited for Rogue Company, including a ranked mode soon.

With a lot of popular streamers such as Dr Disrespect partnering with Hi-Rez, we are seeing more players getting involved. As of August 9, the player base for Rogue Company has hit over 500,000 on the PlayStation 4.

Lead designer Scott Lussier hinted on Twitter last month that a ranked competitive mode is coming its way.

It looks like Rogue Company will deploy some of the Phase 1 updates upon announcement on their recent YouTube video. On an AMA Reddit thread, Hi-Rez also mentioned that all Phase 1 updates would be completed by September 2.

Deserter penalties in place

One of the updates that they have implemented is time punishment for those players who leave an ongoing match. The more leaves the player does, the longer the timer runs until he gets a chance to join another match.

A surrender option is also in the works for those players who are outnumbered, which gives them the ability to leave the match without incurring a deserter penalty.

However, some players are also suggesting that other players should be able to join an ongoing match, similar to how Rainbow Six Siege implements their matchmaking.

Extraction game mode released and a new map underway

If the Demolition game mode gives players the liberty of choosing a location to plant a bomb, Extraction gives players a map location to capture and the objective and defend it in a certain time or eliminate all enemies in a race to 5 wins matches.

In addition, Rogue Company developers have also been working on their new Cyberpunk-themed map called Vice. However, Lussier dropped another Twitter announcement over the weekend for what to expect this week.

Featured image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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