‘Rogue Legacy 2’ is delayed until August 18


Rogue-lite RPG Rogue Legacy 2 is delayed for another month. Unexpected “minor setbacks” plagued Cellar Door Games, prompting them to pull back.

Rogue Legacy 2 is the superb sequel to Rogue Legacy, a fantasy rogue-lite Metroidvania. Some small hiccups moved the game back to August 18 instead of its original July target. Even then, the title is worth the wait if it has, at least, the same quality as the original.

Rogue Legacy sequel is worth the wait

Rogue Legacy is one of those titles that platforming fans would love. It follows a lineage of quirky knights and their quest to conquer a haunted castle. The game is like Symphony of the Night in a fun, cute, and cool game.

The only difference with Rogue is the procedural generation. Unlike most Metroidvanias, Rogue’s castle changes with every session. Players also leave their belongings at the start of the game, much like Spelunky.

Even then, players can keep upgrading their gear as they progress through the game. These gameplay elements made Rogue Legacy so enjoyable that players flocked it. The game was an instant hit, becoming profitable within its first hour of release.


The second iteration of Rogue Legacy is looking to gain the same momentum as the first title. Even then, Cellar Door Games decided it’s better to release the game in its best state possible.

Cellar Door Games is looking to improve the game further

Rogue Legacy 2 and its Early Access would have to wait. According to an announcement, the team likened the unpredictable events to football. They noted how they “just gotta run with it.”

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but we are delaying the Early Access launch of Rogue Legacy 2 from July 23rd to August 18th,” said the announcement. “While stabilizing the game for launch, we’ve run into some minor setbacks, but more importantly, some features got so close to completion that we just absolutely had to see them through. This means more content, more stability, and more bang for your buck come launch day.”

If the first game is any indication, the wait is worth it for the title. The full release will happen sometime next year, but now the game will go into public development. Major updates will roll out every couple of months, with minor updates between each.

The Early Access version will include the full gameplay for the title. Subsequently, players can expect more rooms, biomes, and even character classes. Rogue Legacy 2 will come to PC on Early Access via Steam.

Images courtesy of Cellar Door Games/Youtube Screenshot

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