‘Roguebook’ is a new deckbuilder game from Richard Garfield


Another deckbuilder is on its way as game dev Abrakam announced Roguebook. Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield is leading the charge for the team.

Roguebook is a superb RPG card game where players move through a dungeon. The way players build up their decks will be the basis for their character’s build. The game is reminiscent of Slay the Spire, Tainted Grail, and Deck of Ashes.

The genre is growing as the months go by, trying to replicate recent success. Slay the Spire popularized the genre, and now people are building on it further.

Deckbuilders are a growing modern genre

Deckbuilders are a newfangled creation for the gaming industry. The genre itself came from Peter Whalen with the creation of Dream Quest. Other games subsequently followed, including Hand of Fate.

Even then, the most successful among all these is the creation of 2019’s Slay the Spire. Spire had simplistic graphics, but its replay value is one of the best. Megacrit’s game was so successful that it sold 1.5 million copies in March 2019.

Rogue is trying to replicate this success. Magic: The Gathering legend Richard Garfield helped guide the development of the game. Garfield himself admitted his fascination with deckbuilders in 2018.

Players start the game with two heroes, building their deck around their skills. Gamers would need to restart the game once both heroes die. Players would also need to journey around an overworld, fighting more enemies.

More enemies mean more types of cards players can use to progress. Eventually, players would wield mighty decks that suit their play style.

Abrakam takes everything good from Spire and improves on it

Roguebook is not yet available, with an expected release date on May 2021. Even then, players can be among the first to play if they support the game’s Kickstarter.


For players who have experience with Slay the Spire, it will likely be a familiar experience. Compared to Spire, the new game has the benefit of balancing its card game. Abrakam is also great at creating beautiful, colorful art for their game.

Abrakam already has a robust universe behind them, so all they need to do is build their decks. The features of the game also revolve around discovery and procedural generation.

Every session results in something different, including a variety of in-game alignments. Players have a choice between the rageful Seifer, Blood Tyrant, or the wisdom of Aurora.

Roguebook is a new genre for publisher Nacon. They are also famous for the upcoming Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Warhammer Chaosbane.

Images courtesy of Nacon/Youtube Screenshot

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