Role of Jack Black in ‘Psychonauts 2’, coming this 2021

Role of Jack Black in 'Psychonauts 2', coming this 2021

Jack Black found its way back to the hearts of his long-time fans outside of the film industry, as he serenaded everyone in the Psychonauts 2 trailer release.

15 years since the first game installment was released, Double Fine finally announces a successor, Psychonauts 2, during the Xbox Series X Games Showcase. Players of the 2005 cult comedy classic will finally find out what happened to Raz.

Twice delayed

Technically speaking, the Psychonauts successor was already confirmed years back. However, during E3 2019, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer reportedly announced that Psychonauts 2 is set back to 2020, instead of 2019.

Come this year, it appears that the game is pushed further back to 2021. A specific date wasn’t set either, just the year release.

Jack Black and the Psychonauts 2 gameplay

As it turns out, there is more to Jack Black singing the game’s theme song, Mote of Light. According to Gamespotthe School of Rock star will be the voice behind the magical Mote of Light.

Accordingly, the Tenacious D frontman will be one of the “new faces” that the protagonist, Raz, will encounter in his journey in Psychonauts 2. 

As seen in the trailer, wherein Raz entered into the brain’s consciousness, a dot of light was guiding him into the bizarre realm—that dot was Jack Black.

However, per ScreenrantBlack is said to play the role of the “The Mysterious Stanger.” Also noted by Double Fine in a tweet. The media outlet presumes this is the “one-eyed man” who grabbed the dot of life, before shutting the entry point close.

Nevertheless, further details about the new characters will soon surface online clarifying Black’s actual role in this highly-demanded game installment.

As per the game’s storyline, Double Fine says:

“Following directly on from the first game and Psychonauts and the Rhombus of Ruin, psychic wunderkind Razputin ‘Raz’ Aquato has officially joined his idols, the Psychonauts, but soon finds that all is not right with the international psychic spy agency. There’s a mole in the ranks, and if they’re not uncovered soon it could lead to the release of a dangerous psychic monster from the depths!”

Gamespot further discussed that Psychonauts 2 will have a multi-platform release. This is due to the fact that the game was already announced for other platforms outside of that of Microsoft’s (Xbox platforms and Windows 10 PC) before Double Fine Productions was acquired by Xbox Game Studios.

With that said, Psychonauts 2 will be available on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The game will also be made available on Xbox Game Pass upon launch.


Featured image courtesy of Xbox

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