Roof Colour might be affecting ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ store item selections

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook's Cranny Building

Seemingly a random feature aimed at giving players random surprises, a Redditor has hypothesized the factor that influences the color of the stuff that players can buy off of Nook’s Miles Store and Nook’s Cranny.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is indeed a mysterious game whose secrets are waiting to be revealed. What seems to be a simple game, turns out to be one with hidden features in it that not many know about.

While the game’s recently released guide books help shed some light into it, others remain obscure. Especially for people outside of Japan who neither got access to the same material nor have connections from within to source ideas from.

Color Me Curious

One of the most recent findings, however, involves only observation. It involves the uncanny link between the color of the items at Nook’s stores and the airport’s roof.

No one would think the two would even be related that many dared not see it differently.

But one Redditor, PraiseHolo, is quite convinced that there’s a link between the two. So much so that he believes that the colored items you can buy at Nook’s correspond to it.

In his post, PraiseHolo showed a picture of what appears to be an array of stuff carefully sorted to prove a point. That is, based on the four possible colorations that the airport roof’s color scheme could fall into. Meaning, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

Take, for instance, the game’s vending machine. While players who got a blue airport would see it in gray, those who got an orange airport see it in white. Coincidentally, those who received either the green or the yellow airport sees the same stuff in red or black, respectively.

Others are In on It

Thanks to the effort of one man, a slew of other Redditors joined in on the research. Subsequently, corroborating to PraiseHolo’s originally hypothesized notion and even discovering other stuff which somehow derives from the theory.

For example, coming across one stuff of certain coloration could significantly lead you to another specific stuff with a guaranteed color scheme. Like, getting a red telephone booth is somehow tied to getting a pair of green plastic seats, etc.

But while solid in connecting one part of the game to the next, PraiseHolo’s wild guess has its inconsistencies. Those that result in conflicting findings from other Redditors who participated in the ‘study.’

Regardless, the Redditor must be given props for finding out something that many would not even suspect one bit.

Image used courtesy of MonkeyKingHero/YouTube Screenshot

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