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Rookie girl group aespa accused of plagiarism again


After a train of controversies aespa faced before its debut, the rookie girl group of SM Entertainment is under fire once again!

aespa performed its debut track on November 22 on Inkigayo. A few days later, a Los Angeles, California-based visual artist claimed their art team had copied her work.

The visual artist, Blake Kathryn, posted two photos on her Twitter comparing her work to one’s with aespa’s. Along with the pictures, she wrote that she sees an uncomfortable level of similarities with her work.

The artist revealing that her ideas were stolen

The visual artist further explained her seen similarity by comparing the two pictures. She said, aside from the structure of aespa’s stage. The graphic background trees are also similar to her work.

Furthermore, Blake Kathryn wrote that she’d love to work alongside k-pop artists. But seeing the artwork cuts deep, she said.

The visual artist further shared, “I will pursue this since I am getting some uncomfortable DMs between here and ig. Theft is theft. I don’t blame the girls, but the mgmt must be held accountable. This is esp when I am not the first artist to report plagiarism.”

What the netizens have to say

With this boiling controversy resurfacing once again, the netizens’ primary reaction was SM did it again.”

Other netizens wrote that the stage is only different in colors from her work. Don’t they have their own brains? one netizen added.

More to the reactions of the netizens include, “And yes, SM did it again,” and “This artist will soon say ‘everything has been settled’ after SM ‘compensates’ her with a bunch of money. I’ll bet you.”

Previously, the newly launched girl group was embroiled in plagiarism with the Black Mamba music video.

The first artist who raised the suspicion recently revealed that he and SM had discussed the matter already. He also added that he supports the rookie girl group.

Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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