Roseon Finance makes investing in DeFi easy with its features-packed Roseon Mobile App


The growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) market is nothing short of extraordinary. Valued at just $686 million on January 1, 2020, the sector’s valuation soared to $15.6 billion a year later or an annual growth rate of 2,174 percent.

With the red hot sector beckoning investors, Roseon Finance is making it easier for people to enter into the DeFi space. What’s even more exciting is that its fully loaded app offers services not yet offered by its peers, such as trading in NFTs, and even tap into centralized financial services (CeFi) to maximize yields and meet liquidity requirements.

The Wallet that evolved into a feature-packed DeFi App

Roseon Finance started working on a crypto wallet last year but the team quickly realized that the fast-evolving DeFi sectors have created opportunities for the app that just mere wallet. The Roseon Mobile App was then enhanced to what it is today, a gateway to the DeFi world allowing users easy access to DeFi products and services while retaining the core functionalities of a crypto wallet.

Roseon Mobile Features

Saving – Users can allocate their idle crypto funds to the app’s Savings function. The system lets investors choose between fixed or flexible options to earn interest on their assets.

  1. Yield Farming – The app is actually a multi-chain DeFi aggregator that allows its user access to yield farms from various platforms as well as various liquidity pools. This gives investors the flexibility to potentially maximize their yields
  2. Swap – Getting the best rates for swaps can be a bit tricky considering the number of platforms that offer different rates and fees. But since the Roseon Mobile is also a CEX and DEX aggregator, it allows users to choose the best possible deal with the lowest swap cost.
  3. NFT – Non-fungible tokens (NFT) is a growing market with some digital artworks fetching millions of dollars at auctions. The app lets users get a piece of the action as it allows them to create, buy, sell and view their crypto art collection.
  4. Key Management – One of its most unique features, the app allows users to choose the type of key management they want for their account. They can manage their own keys or let Roseon do it for them.

Roseon Finance is taking the customer-first approach to improving the user experience. With its introduction of an easy-to-use wallet, swap, and aggregator app, it aims to encourage mass adoption of decentralized finance by eliminating potential barriers between the users and the DeFi products and services.

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