RTX 3090 is a massive piece of hardware

RTX 3090 is a massive piece of hardware

The Nvidia RTX 3000 series is coming out later this year. That said, the massive RTX 3090 is ready to replace the current generation graphics cards.

Leaks reveal that the upcoming Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is humongous. The next-generation graphics cards might disappoint microATX and small form factor PC builders.

Twitter user @GarnetSunset posted an image of the new graphics card. The image also contains the current RTX 2080 for comparison.

Based on the images alone, microATX users may have a hard time fitting this GPU into their system. Small cases have some limitations when it comes to graphics card compatibility.

However, there is still hope to use these large video cards. OEMs may produce their own design for the GPU without relying on the huge stock PCB.

Another limitation for small cases is the number of PCI-e slots to be used. There are massive coolers out there such as the Palit RTX 2080 Jetstream. But, even that only takes two slots.

The rumored RTX 3090 may take three slots to fit. This will cover other PCI-e expansion slots thus limiting other components.


There are no specific size details mentioned on the tweet. However, some users did their own calculations. The estimated card length might be 300mm.

Rumored price and other details

GarnerSunset first tweeted that the SRP of the new GPU will be US$2000. However, he quickly corrected the price and posted US$1400 as the SRP.

Leaks suggest that the GPU will be 26% faster than the RTX 2080. Other features include RayTracing and DLSS 2.0. Both of which greatly improved gaming visuals.

Lastly, take these rumors with a grain of salt. GarnerSunset is not as reliable as other sources. His posts are still hit-or-miss.

Nonetheless, the RTX 3090 details revealed may be true. If that is the case then PC builders need to prepare for a new case.

Featured image used courtesy of Fredrick Tendong/Unsplash

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