Rumor: ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ might get delayed

Die-hard fans waiting for the sequel to 2017’s Zero Dawn may not like it. But rumor has it that Horizon Forbidden West will be delayed.

The Coronavirus pandemic has already pushed many titles’ development ahead, indefinitely. And Horizon Forbidden West release might also suffer due to the impact, as per speculations.

‘Horizon Forbidden West’: What’s the status?

Since the last year, developing studio Guerilla Games has remained silent over any new update to the sequel.

And that’s where things tend to become uncertain because a lack of any new information for such a hyped game means only one thing that it may skip its 2021 launch.

However, there’s no proper evidence of a delay as of now when it comes to Horizon Forbidden West.

But those who cover video games daily have a fear of a possible announcement about it.

They say that if Guerilla Games doesn’t come out with anything in the coming months, it will only imply that it’s not coming out in 2021.

In a situation of a delay, it will hurt those who are avid lovers of the Horizon series. Since its inception four years ago, the anticipation for a sequel has only increased among the followers.

Speaking of an official reveal, then Horizon Forbidden West was first unveiled during Sony’s Future of Gaming event in 2020.

But since that trailer launched, there’s been nothing else so far.

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Why are studios delaying awaited titles?

One reason behind major developers hesitating to release new entries might be due to Cyberpunk 2077‘s arrival.

The most-awaited game of 2020 had endless expectations before its eventual launch last December.

However, when it came out, it was nothing less than a disaster for CD Projekt RED. It happened due to multiple failures regarding lack of optimization and the rush in releasing it.

Yes, it was delayed as well. But it wasn’t enough to make it the best version in any way.

As a result, CP77 faced a lot of flack from gamers and angry users on social media.

Moreover, CDPR even had to refund the players’ money they spent on buying it because most of them couldn’t play it properly despite having the latest consoles.

And thus, the fate of Cyberpunk must have taught a lesson to other renowned studios, which is that it’s okay to take time in refining and to improve their project instead of facing people’s wrath.

Maybe Guerilla Games is taking its own time in making Horizon Forbidden West flawless.

Well, it’s a good thing from the perspective of the development of such a hyped title.

But again, it will hurt passionate fans in the meantime as they keep waiting further.


Image courtesy of Play4Games/YouTube

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