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‘Kingdom Hearts’ TV series reportedly being made for Disney plus


A rumor is circulating the internet suggesting that a TV series animation for Kingdom Hearts is already in the works and will be exclusive to Disney Plus. The notion of the TV series adaptation comes from sources claiming a statement from a streamed show related to Disney.

No further details were disclosed aside from the thought that a TV series based on the series is going to make its way.

Hard to Ignore, Hard to Follow

The Kingdom Hearts series are notorious for having a convoluted storyline, which only becomes more perplexing with more revelations. Whether or not the supposed TV series will aim to make the storyline apprehensive to existing or newer audiences is unknown.

Furthermore, there is not an official word whether the alleged animated television adoption will continue on the series’ main story. If it does, it is with hope that the medium will not make the tale more confusing than it already is. If not, it is likely to pivot and just start another spinoff as is uncommon to the franchise.

Kingdom Hearts is a popular RPG title featuring keyblade-wielding protagonist Sora and Disney’s Donald Duck and Goofy.

Essentially a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney, the series display familiar characters from both universes. They include series’ staples such as Disney’s Mickey, Minnie, and Jiminy Cricket as well as Square Enix’s many Final Fantasy figures.

As a long-standing franchise, the series have seen multiple installments and spinoffs since its original release on the PlayStation 2. The latest entry in the series is Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PlayStation 4, which subsequently saw a follow-up with the Re:Mind DLC.

Boosted Potential

Considering Disney’s recent acquisitions, making a new medium based on the franchise opens many exciting possibilities. Such as whether or not the Kingdom Hearts’ protagonists will see the Marvel and the Star Wars universe for the first time. Or, whether or not other Pixar’s popular characters who still have not seen representation in the game will debut in it.

The idea of excitement is not biased only to Disney, despite its developing portfolio. Even Square Enix itself has a growing library of IPs and characters that could make representation in the game. As a company committed to delivering amazing games, Square Enix is inevitably bound to create unfamiliar faces that add to its overall roster.

While still a rumor and without many details, the idea of seeing a beloved franchise makes its way to television is nonetheless interesting.

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