Rumor saying that Satoshi Nakamoto is moving his BTC dispelled

Rumors are making rounds in the crypto community claiming that Bitcoin (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto has been finally moving his BTC.

The rumors claim that the transfer of the earliest BTCs, mined as far back as 2009, was Satoshi Nakamoto moving his BTC.

The rumors began after a blockchain transaction record showed that 50 BTCs mined in February 2009 were moved for the first time in 11 years.

Speculations spurred by the sudden activity of a wallet opened back in 2009

According to a transaction record on the BTC blockchain, 50 BTCs were finally moved to another address.

Many are speculating that it might be Satoshi Nakamoto who finally decided to move his BTCs back to the market. Here are some of the tweets:

It could not be automatically ruled out as empty speculation, however. After all, it came from a BTC wallet that could only be from the earliest miners in the BTC blockchain.

But even if the earliest miners include possibly a Satoshi Nakamoto-owned wallet, there are also other miners who got into mining BTCs when it was first launched.

The mined BTCs moved recently, according to reports, came from the mining block 3,654. It was one of the earliest mining activities recorded on the blockchain, which began a month after the release of the BTC.

Whale Panda, a prominent angel investor, and BTC maximalist said there is still no conclusive evidence that can say it is a “known Satoshi address.”

Other crypto-enthusiasts think it could be Hal Finney

There are some who are pointing that it could be other people who possibly transacted with Satoshi way back 2009.

As many may remember, the first BTC transaction Satoshi made in the BTC blockchain, which also kickstarted the BTC payment ecosystem, was a transfer to Hal Finney. This was well documented, even by mainstream media.

A report from the Washington Post covered this event. According to the report, Hal Finney received 50 BTC from Satoshi Nakamoto, and it can be found in block 170. Back then, BTC almost held no value.

The crypto community, at some point, even thought that Hal Finney was the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto. Sadly, Finney died from ALS in 2014.

Still, there had been speculations that his family might have been able to access his BTC wallet and decided to finally move them to another address. However, Fran Finney, Hal’s wife, denied these claims.

BTC’s current value

As of this writing, BTC is valued at around USD$9,199 [AU$14,087]. This sums the value of the 50 BTCs recently moved to around USD$459,950 [AU$704,299.82].

While there has been a widespread rumor claiming that Satoshi Nakamoto was moving his BTC, there is still no conclusive evidence to show that it was actually him. Still, this recent whale transaction is enough of a puzzle to spur much curiosity in the BTC community.

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