Rumored March Apple event will now happen in April

Hold your excitement and expectations if you were hoping for an Apple event this coming Tuesday. It won’t happen in March at all!

Famous leaker and one of Apple’s most trusted sources, Jon Prosser, just revealed new information. While apologizing for his initial claim of a March event, he said that it will now happen in April in his recent tweet.

Fanboys will surely be disappointed after knowing about this new update.

Apple event: What’s the current status?

Speaking of Jon Prosser’s new update, he issued a serious apology for creating hype because of his previous claim.

A few days back, he shared that the first Apple event of 2021 would take place on March twenty-third.

However, on Wednesday, he dropped a bomb and gave out a new month for the event, which is April now.

When it comes to the source for a March date, Kang first leaked on his Twitter profile DuanRui.

Apple has a habit of always sending out invites for its new event a week ago. But this week, it didn’t happen at all. Thus, all the hopes of a March 23rd announcement were shattered as well.

However, it seems like instead of a proper virtual interaction, it will just share press releases. And that, too, only if it’s willing to reveal any new (but not a significant) accessory.

Speaking of the pattern of events, then the California tech giant hasn’t held one in April since 2010. It unveiled the iOS 4 on April eighth, almost eleven years ago.

It will be interesting to see how things end up, especially in the coming weeks.

New product announcements coming soon

Meanwhile, the company is busy, as usual, preparing its 2021 slate of exciting new products and announcements.

Tech enthusiasts are curiously waiting for a lot of big surprises, including June’s WWDC. The supposedly virtual session will finally provide the very first look at the next iOS version.

iOS 15 is expected to arrive with many added features as well as enhanced privacy-based settings.

After the end of the first half of this year,  Apple will introduce the new Apple Watch series.

And just before 2021’s end, the iPhone 13 will make its eventual appearance. Strong rumors are claiming it to be portless with a reduced notch.

Other reports also suggest that it might have a faster refresh rate on its display, along with a new 1TB storage option!

For now, take all speculations with a grain of salt, wait for Apple to make an official reveal.


Image courtesy of Rob Eradus/Pexels

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