Rumored Nintendo Switch “Pro” officially announced, will be called “OLED model”

Nintendo Switch OLED model official announcement trailer

After rumors and rumors and following Nintendo’s firm denial, the mostly talked about Nintendo Switch “Pro” variant is finally confirmed. It will be officially called the “OLED model”.

An updated model to the original Switch has been a topic of long discussion within the community. Initially, the idea over the subject merely alludes to Nintendo’s established pattern of releasing multiple renditions of what it offers. But talks about a more up-to-date model became more audacious following the release of the more economical “Lite” version.

At the time, the community has come to give birth to a tentative title for the newer model, or “Pro”. The aim of which is to give it differentiation from the original model and the inferior model that came after it. Particularly, for its alleged bigger screen and overall stronger processing power, which come expected for a superior design.

But, now, speculations are finally over as Nintendo itself has spilled the beans on the issue. In a form of a 2-minute, 36-second video, the company showcased everything that gamers can expect with the OLED model.

Physical Alterations

Looking at the model alone, the difference between it and the original is not necessarily night and day. From the outset, both actually look the same, as far as layout is concerned. The specification, however, completely states otherwise as the OLED model comes with a bigger screen, given by its slimmer bezel. It’s significantly larger in size at 7 inches versus the original’s 6.2 inches. Consequently, the screen runs on a 1280×720 display resolution.

Another notable difference is how wider the hybrid consoler’s built-in stand is, which belittles that of the original massively. The point of which is to give the platform better stability when in use for multiplayer mode. In addition, the stand itself can be adjusted into various angles, which gives users a diverse viewing angle as necessary.

Other Improvements

Audio, as it appears, is also another noteworthy change in the latest model. Merely, it was described as “enhanced,” which could imply louder volumes and better-sounding quality.

Although the trailer did not both detailing the specifics under the hood, sources claim it has pre-built with a 64Gb memory. That is twice the capacity of the original Nintendo Switch, which is enough to store plenty of downloads from the eShop.

Lastly, there is also the port for a LAN cable, which would be ideal for its direct internet connection. Meaning, more stable and faster internet connectivity than wireless.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will be hitting shelves for $349.99 on October 8, 2021.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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