‘RuneScape’ on Steam will launch on October 14


RuneScape on Steam is finally happening, and it only took 17 years to happen. One of the first MMORPG titles is coming to the platform next month.

RuneScape on Steam is a culmination of players asking the game to come for years. First launched as a browser game in 2001, it was the first MMO title to many players. It’s still an active title, becoming the prototype to titles like World of Warcraft.

RuneScape was among the first MMORPG

RuneScape was a landmark title, changing the way gamers play since the 2000s. It set up many of what players take for granted today. RS was likely the first time veteran gamers got PK, collecting armor sets, or even their first scam.

For veterans of the title who haven’t logged in, RuneScape is much different from how it was back in the early to mid-2000s. The game added graphical enhancements, together with new raids and monsters.

The game changed so much that it warranted what people play as Old School RuneScape. Those who play OSRS will see how the game was during its first half a decade or so of existence. New players can enjoy the new RuneScape on Valve’s platform.

Like any game title coming to Steam, RuneScape will come with the kitchen sink. It will have achievements, badges, and trading cards. For existing players, they can connect their RuneScape account and continue playing.

RS will get improvements after Steam, mobile version on the way

RuneScape on Steam is a superb addition that people should look forward to. New players should be able to find the game. The player base is still active, with up to 40,000 players online every day.

Mod Warden, RuneScape’s executive producer, notes that they will improve on the title further. They are also working on a mobile version for RuneScape, which is on Early Access.

He said they are “improving the early game experience, onboarding and readability, and optimising our UI – from refining text, content, interaction, and hitbox sizes, to engine improvements and stability that support flexibility across the widest array of possible display sizes.

While some of this work will be focused on making the mobile experience the best it can be in these areas, much will improve the experience on whatever platform you choose to play on.”

The mobile launch for RuneScape will take more time and resources, so the devs will likely launch by 2021. The mobile version will be available on Android and iOS, but the beta is on Android so far.

RuneScape on Steam will launch on October 14. Old School RuneScape will follow early next year.

Featured image courtesy of RuneScape/Youtube Screenshot

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