Rupert Murdoch’s Fox allots $100 million fund for NFT asset creation 

Media juggernaut Fox Corporation has also jumped into the NFT arena with the launching of its NFT division called ’Blockchain Creative Labs.’ 

Fox would inject a $100-million fund into its new division to create NFT assets that would serve as a new revenue stream for the corporation. 

In the unveiling of the new division, Fox said the fund would be used for critical areas of NFT creation such as content creators, advertising partners, and blockchain computer ecosystem. 

The media corporation named Scott Greenberg, a former president and COO of independent animation company Film Roman, as Blockchain Creative Labs’ first CEO. 

Bento Box

Greenberg is also the current CEO of BentoBox Entertainment, a company he co-founded and is also owned by Fox. 

In a statement, he said: “Entrepreneurs at our core, FOX and Bento Box are uniquely situated to bring exciting offerings to the digital goods, token and NFT marketplace.”

Blockchain Creative Labs and BentoBox will collaborate to bring new NFT assets into the market. 

The new NFT division hasn’t revealed which animations are on its NFT pipeline, but it is widely expected that shows created by BentoBox will be one of its first projects. 

A Simpson NFT, anyone?

The widely popular and long-running animated series, “The Simpsons”, which is also owned by Fox, is also seen by many as a logical choice for BCL’s NFT conversions. 

One more thing that makes Simpsons an exciting NFT is the fact that the animation itself has mentioned or referenced cryptocurrency in multiple episodes. 

In one episode, where Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory was a guest, he explained crypto and how blockchain works. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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