Russia to be blamed for cyberattacks on 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Russia plans a cyberattack in the Japanese-hosted Olympics and Para Olympics.

Intelligence services disclosed that Russia is preparing to disrupt the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

In a joint operation conducted by the UK National Cyber Security Center and US intelligence agencies, it was revealed that the Russian military services are planning a cyber attack on the 2021 Japanese hosted Olympics.

The country is no new in launching cyberattacks. Previously, reports indicated that the cyber attacks are directed towards state politics in Moscow. But it has already spread towards other countries and agencies conducting investigations on Russian sports doping.

The Russian competitors were excluded from the games after repeated offenses in state-sponsored doping tests.

Disrupting the Olympics

Originally the games were scheduled to take place this year but were postponed due to the pandemic. Japan’s Chief Government Spokesman Katsunobu Kato stated that the country would do everything to ensure that the games are conducted without any attacks.

Additionally, he expressed that it’s hard to ignore the country’s ill intentions, which diminished the foundations of democracy.

He further said that the Japanese authorities collect information regarding the attack and coordinate it with other countries. The Tokyo games organizing committee said that despite the ill attacks, no significant effect was observed.

The agencies revealed that the cyberattacks were more focused on Game organizers, logistics services, and sponsors from the agencies’ joint operation. The UK was the first country to report the acts of the crime.

Russia carried out the same attacks during the 2018 winter Olympics and Paralympics in Pyeongchang. The UK stated that both the activities were carried out remotely by a group of six called GRU unit 74455.

Team “Sandworm” and “NotPetya”

During the Pyeongchang Olympics, the GRU unit disguised itself as North Korean and Chinese hackers. It crashed the official website as well as the Wi-Fi systems on the day of the opening ceremony.

The US agencies further charged the six military intelligence officers for their alleged role in the infamous NotPetya. The six-membered team called Sandworm is responsible for the hacking event that losses $10 billion and left 300 victims worldwide.

It also targeted countries like Ukraine, Georgia, French elections, and the UK’s investigation for the Novichok nerve agent attack.

Pettish acts in other countries

Russia was found guilty of manipulating its own anti-doping agency results. Following the matter, Worldwide Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned the country for four years from participating in any world sporting events.

The revelations are made just in time for USA elections. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and the New York Post were accused of allowing Russia to spread misinformation about Joe Biden and his family.

British officials further stated that the cyberattacks against the sporting bodies would have happened only after receiving a go from higher officials in Russia.

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