Russia: Twitter accused of not deleting banned accounts


On Monday, Russia’s communications regulator accused Twitter of violating its law, as it didn’t delete several requested accounts.

The regulator said that social media giant Twitter didn’t comply with deleting some banned accounts. The request wanted it to delete 2,862 posts that contained pornographic and other content related to committing suicide.

Now it could face a massive fine in Russia.

Growing tensions for Twitter

Since it’s been found guilty of repeating its failure of not deleting the banned posts and accounts, Twitter might face massive difficulty in Russia.

It’s also because Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny uses the social media service a lot. He and his allies continuously keep criticizing the Russian authorities while announcing recent protests.

In case the portal faces a fine, it won’t be for the first time in the country. In the past, it was fined for breaching Russian data laws. But the amount of that was relatively small.

Another reason for Twitter to face a heavy penalty is because Russia, last year, passed several bills. The lower house of parliament passed them to levy large amounts on platforms that do not remove banned content.

Other severe results may include a total restriction on access to US social media services. Because they “discriminate” against local media.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry recently accused Facebook and many other US services of overlooking fake posts because they were related to unauthorized protests supporting Navalny.

Criticism arriving from all directions

It seems like everything is going against Twitter at the moment. While some of the circumstances may seem out of their control, others are invited by themselves.

Be it any issue, and the social media giant has emerged as blame for highlighted topics.

Last year, during the US Presidential election campaign, it faced a lot of pressure to ban unwanted posts and content. It deleted many of them and faced another wave of pressure from those who were against banning several accounts.

Most of the controversies have been political, though.

But just recently, Twitter committed a blunder when it announced a new Super Follow feature for the users. What it will do is merely making the social media platform another subscription-based portal.

People will have to pay to follow other people and see their tweets, videos, and activities in simple words. Since its official announcement, Twitter users have been disappointed with the service and its decision.

They even used a hashtag, #RIPTwitter, while expressing their anger and rejection for the upcoming feature.

It merely means that most of the users are not foolish enough. And they won’t like to pay every time they use something on the internet, especially when it’s just about reading several tweets.

The company should introspect over its decision. It will help it in saving the reputation and millions of its users as well.

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