Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively deemed plantation wedding ‘mistake’

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively deemed plantation wedding a 'mistake'

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively tied the knot in 2012.

Ryan Reynolds has become one of today’s most iconic and popular actors. But, aside from his career in Hollywood, he has other ventures that also places him on the top.

Fast Company just hailed him as one of its “most creative people in business” for this year. In his profile, he talked about several things. These include his success in marketing, as well as “diversity,” particularly on matters relating to racism.

Following his “honest message,” publications and fans took his statements about his wedding by heart. As it happened, he said that he, alongside his wife, Blake Lively, is “deeply sorry” for choosing the infamous plantation venue for their wedding.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively found their venue through Pinterest

Speaking to the publication, Ryan Reynolds revealed that he and Blake Lively came across the Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens on Pinterest. He added that they were looking for a “wedding venue” on the platform, according to Us Weekly.

After the wedding, though, they reportedly realized that choosing a venue, which they based solely on scenery, was a mistake. The place was “built upon devastating tragedy,” the Deadpool star explained.

He continued and stated that they will always feel “deeply” and “unreservedly sorry.” He even deemed the whole debacle as a giant “mistake,” which is now “impossible to reconcile.”

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They received a little backlash from the public

The venue of their wedding was, reportedly, a former plantation. Following the event, though, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively did not receive a huge backlash from the public.

Years after, however, the controversy emerged when the actor praised Marvel’s Black Panther on social media, according to CBS News. Netizens, reportedly, called him out for “hypocrisy” due to their decision back then when they chose the former plantation as their wedding venue.

Pinterest and other wedding platforms have since “vowed” to stop promoting plantation venues for events. On the venue’s part, though, they responded to the actor’s statements.

In their official statement, they said that they “treasure” all of their relationships with couples, who choose and have chosen the venue for their weddings. They, also assured to respond to the couples “in private,” especially if they have concerns. Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens, then, ended the statement by ensuring to be part of the solution and not the problem.

On Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s part, they have, reportedly, made “valiant effort” to give back to the African American community.


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