Ryan Seacrest cursed in love, regrets putting career first before his relationship: Rumor


Ryan Seacrest hasn’t, allegedly, been lucky in love and his career is to blame.

According to National Enquirer, Ryan Seacrest couldn’t help but regret his decision to put his career over his relationship. After all, he now can’t seem to find a woman to date.

Ryan Seacrest regrets his split from Shayna Taylor

A source told the tabloid that Seacrest also regrets splitting from his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor. And he’s worried that he won’t ever find another woman to be with.

“He’s starting to feel cursed. Ryan now realizes he put his career before his personal life one too many times – and may suffer for it forever,” the source said.

The popular host’s string of health issues

The insider also claimed that Seacrest realized that it would be best if he won’t continue being single after his recent health issues.

“Ryan now realizes life’s too short to go at it alone. It’s like it’s finally dawned on him he’s not invincible and not so self-sufficient after all. He’s tried to dodge the marriage thing most of his adult life, and now he’s regretting it big time,” the source said.

Ryan Seacrest worried about his finances?

Meanwhile, Seacrest is also, allegedly, struggling after it was announced that Keeping Up With the Kardashians will end after 20 seasons.

The American Idol host has served as one of the producers on the show. And Seacrest, allegedly, knows that losing his contract with the Kardashian-Jenner family means he will lose a huge sum of money.

“He’s been wallowing in self-pity. Now, he understands that his empire isn’t going to last forever… and he has no one at home to share his concerns with,” the source said.

To make the tabloid’s claims even more confusing, they alleged that Seacrest is also jealous of Kelly Ripa’s family life and her relationship with her husband, Mark Consuelos.

“Ryan has had a tough year. He’s desperately hoping he’ll find someone who can share his successes and help him through the troubles,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, the tabloid’s claims seem to be unfounded. After all, Seacrest seems to be doing fine even though he’s single.

In June, a source told E! News that Ryan Seacrest and Taylor decided to end their 8-year relationship amicably.

“They remain good friends, each other’s biggest supporters, and will always cherish their time together as a couple,” the source said.

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