Ryan Seacrest rep confirms host did not suffer stroke in ‘American Idol’

Ryan Seacrest scared the viewers of American Idol from last Sunday’s online finale episode. Fans thought he suffered a medical emergency while hosting live.

According to reports, several fans of the show turned to their social media accounts to check on Ryan Seacrest.

They suggested that he looked like he just had a stroke while trying to deliver his lines.

Viewers’ tweets of concern

Many got worried with the veteran host after his words started slurring while his left eye appeared to bulge.

Sudden trouble speaking and lack of coordination are some of the common signs of a stroke.

One Twitter user by the name @KingDraqula posted on his account saying, “Is @RyanSeacrest okay? Not making light of this. He went from normal to his speech being off and his eye shutting halfway. #ryanseacrest #AmericanIdol”

Several people commented on the post and also expressed their concern for the producer. They said that they noticed the same thing and hoped everything was good.

@SchoonoverMl tweeted: “I thought he was having a stroke. He needs to get checked out. Very scared for him.”
“He couldnt talk either! The first sentence he said after the last break was unintelligible,” replied @_jodi_grant_ to the tweet.
Fans got even more concerned that something must have really happened to Seacrest when he didn’t come in to co-host Monday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

All is well for the host

Fans have nothing to worry though as Seacrest’s representative gave a positive update.

According to the rep, the multi-hyphenate entertainer did not suffer a stroke during the live broadcasting of American Idol.

Seacrest is completely fine but he did need to take some rest because of his very tight schedule. He has been working left and right despite the pandemic.

He has been juggling three to four on-air jobs including Live with Kelly and Ryan, American Idol, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and Disney Family Singalong specials.

The rep said that Seacrest is adjusting to the new normal and finding work-home balance just like most people right now.

He has also been doing live shows from home which can be also an added stress to his already busy days.

Seacrest’s recent absence in the syndicated morning talk show was just his well-deserved day off.

Co-host Kelly Ripa also explained his absence, saying that Seacrest worked late the night before so he took the morning off. Ripa’s husband, actor Mark Consuelos, filled in for the absent co-host.

Ryan Seacrest announced Samantha Diaz as the finale winner of American Idol.

Featured image courtesy of Joe Seer/Shutterstock

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