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Ryan Seacrest stressing over ‘KUWTK’ cancelation, suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome: Rumor


Ryan Seacrest is, allegedly, reeling following the cancelation of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Since the reality TV show is his brainchild, Ryan Seacrest is, allegedly, racking up his brain thinking of a possible replacement.

Ryan Seacrest stressing over ‘KUWTK’ cancelation

According to National Enquirer, Seacrest doesn’t want to lose the huge revenue that he’s been getting from KUWTK during the show’s first 19 seasons.

“Ryan is pulling his hair out about the potential loss of revenue and racking up his brain trying to come up with something that can replace it,” the source said.

Ryan Seacrest sparks health concerns

Weeks ago, Seacrest sparked health concerns among his family and friends after he seemingly suffered a stroke during the live taping of American Idol. However, a rep for the host said that he didn’t suffer a stroke.

“Like many people right now, Ryan is adjusting to the new normal and finding work-home balance, with the added stress of having to put on live shows from home. Between Live with Kelly and Ryan, American Idol, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, and the Disney Family Singalong specials, he has been juggling three to four on-air jobs over the last few weeks and he’s in need of rest. So today he took a well-deserved day off,” the rep told People.

Still, the tabloid insisted that Ryan Seacrest suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome because he’s overworked.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, a New York-based internist told National Enquirer that Seacrest could indeed be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. However, it is important to note that the doctor has never treated the host.

The host’s relationships fail due to his workaholic tendencies

A source also told the tabloid that Seacrest’s workaholic nature has destroyed every single relationship he’s had.

“Ryan’s workaholic tendencies have wrecked every relationship he’s been in. Losing the Kardashians is a major blow. But pals are telling him it’s not worth working himself into an early grave,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Seacrest is doing fine workwise. Since he also has a lot of things on his plate, he couldn’t possibly be worried about losing KUWTK.

In fact, the cancelation of Keeping Up With the Kardashians could mean that he could have more time to rest. And it’s not going to be difficult for Ryan Seacrest to land other gigs because he’s a seasoned host.

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